FBCreator – The Facebook Bot Discount

FBCreator – The Facebook Bot Discount


FB Creator Features:

  • Auto Captcha Solver: We have a built in captcha solver that automatically solves any captcha that Facebook puts out.  This is totally integrated at no cost to you.  Its an amazing thing to watch.  Watch our video and see for yourself
  • Clickbank Poster: We show you how to become a Clickbank affiliate, then just enter your affiliate-id and the keyword of the products you would like to sell, and our program does the rest.  FBCreator will post right into your wall a description of each clickbank product that matches your keyword, along with adding a link with your affiliate id built in.   You can be making money with your facebook account  in no time flat.
  • Commenter: Commentor is a very powerful and useful feature.  You can search for pages to like and then post to each comment, or specify any facebook page.  This will give you a real presence on Facebook and get your message out there with very little effort.
  • Send Private Messages: Send PM’s using ID’s which you searched for via keywords, or to friends.  Your PM’s will be rotated from one to the other, and also will include that persons name in the subject, to make personal.
  • Wall Poster: Post right into your friends walls. Enter as many post as you would like, and the program will pull all your friends list and send each one a post in random order. It keeps you looking active even when your not. Keep your wall filed with all the things that interest you, and your friends and potential clients. Its easy with FBBlaster, and fun. 1 percent effort on your part, getting started and the program will do the rest on autopilot.
  • Pages Liker/Finder: Find pages to like using a keyword. This is a great way to target your audience. The program will list out the results according to the maximum you specify, then with the click of the mouse you can like these pages for posting to them and commenting on them, with no effort what so ever using our program.

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After buying and make payment .. send the purchase data to seo[at]ranking.im
The data you must sent are
– your purchase receipt number
– your paypal address
– date of purchase

We will send you the bonus to your email after the refund period (60-day money back guarantee) over and after we receive the commission.

Note: DO NOT email me and expect your cash back before the refund period is over.

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