GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

GSA Search Engine Ranker Compare with No Hands SEO

No Hands SEO is good but GSA Search Engine Ranker have all function that No Hands SEO has. It submits to
Blogs (Blogspot,General Blogs,KeywordLuv)
Directories (DirectoryScript,FFA,Moje)
Forums (e107,FUDforum,miniBB,mvnForum,phpBB, and will add more)
Guestbook (e.g. AkoBook,BurningBook,BellaBook,etc. total:59 types, and will add more)
Image Comment (e.g.4image,Gallery2,Piwigo,Pixelpost,total 12 types)
Referrer(analog and awstats)

It’s just like NoHandsSEO completely automated but it has a lot more platforms it submits to and its update daily to add more and more platforms.So it’s much better than No Hands SEO.

Try GSA Search Engine Ranker with full Features.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Unique Features

1.It is Great software that can analyze and post to competitors backlinks and there is no software like this in the market.

2.Run multiple threads:ability to use multiple threads up to 3000 threads

3.It will verify the backlinks make sure it really live.

4.Have the most platforms then other similar software:


  • B2Evolution
  • BlogEngine
  • MovableType
  • WordPress


  • Moveable Type
  • WordPress by default
  • Trackbacks

Backlink brigad

  • BellaBook Guestbook
  • Coppermine Image Gallery
  • DatsoGallery Image Gallery
  • DRBGuestbook Guestbook
  • E-Guest Guestbook
  • GAGuestbook Guestbook
  • LifeType Blogs
  • MGBbook Guestbook
  • Nucleus Blogs
  • PHPBook Guestbook
  • PixelPost Image Gallery
  • Plogger Image Gallery
  • ScarBook Guestbook
  • Tabulas Guestbook
  • VXGuestbook Guestbook
  • WordPress Blog
  • b2evolution Blog
  • Lazarus Guestbook
  • Dotclear Blog
  • Joomla Blog
  • Silentum Guestbook
  • Ricar Guestbook
  • Phoca Guestbook
  • phpBB Forum Profies

GSA Search Engine Ranker has all of them and a lot more other platforms.

Compare GSA Search Engine Ranker with other software

Software GSA Search Engine Ranker No Hands SEO ScrapeJet BacklinkBrigand
Price $99 USD $97 USD $47 USD $95 USD
Trial 5 Days with full features 7 Days with full features NO trial NO trial
License Transfer On any PC you want no need transfer license only can install it to 2 PC Install on 1 PC and allow license
transfer onetime per month
Install on 1 PC and allow license
transfer onetime per month

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