Long Tail Pro Discount! Find Golden Keywords and Domains Faster + Bonus Niche Site Training!

Long Tail Pro Discount! Find Golden Keywords and Domains Faster + Bonus Niche Site Training!

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So, is Long Tail Pro REALLY that Big of A Time Saver? Don’t Take My Word For It, Here is What Users Have to Say:

“I can not believe how fast this program runs! When I was using Market Samurai, I could literally take a coffee break while the program was running, with Long Tail Pro, its done running before I can get out of my chair! I don’t know how he made is run so fast, because it pulls all of the data … but it is quick, which means more time saved for me.”
Patric Heber

“I’ve already found a few promising keywords today with this amazing software! My favorite part of this software is its ability to come up with relevant keyword ideas and check domain availability at the same time. That helped me make the decision to buy Long Tail Pro. I also like multiple seed keywords and custom filters. It really saves me a lot of time and effort when I’m doing keyword research. ”
Lance G.

Your new software is working great! I was able to purchase 3 domains, after 10/15 minutes including my time for analysis. I calculate, these new domains will bring at least $2 a day, = $180 per month (min). I do adsense for a living and do well, I have tried niche reaper and IMeye and was not able to find something good or everything available was too expensive. Now, I am “hooked” with your tool!”

I had been considering this program since it was in beta. So now it’s time I tried something other than Market Samurai. LTP is definitely speedy! I installed it about 15 minutes ago and already can analyze more keywords than I ever could with MS in that time frame. I’m comparing numbers between the 2 programs now just so I can get a better feel for what I’m looking at. Anyways, now I have a new toy to play with… I think I may have already found a new keyword!
Harlan Yee

I bought your Longtail Pro, and it’s fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. And, no I am not signed up for the affiliate program.
Tammie J.

BTW – I bought LongTailPro today, and it is awesome. It is almost supernatural how you have programmed it to collect keywords so quickly. I have use MS and Serp Attacks and they are not even close seconds. So fast, it blew my mind. It’s worth its money a 100 times over.

I love the software – even with a minor glitch here and there like this, it's far and away better than market samurai or any other software I've tried. Thanks for putting it out there.
All the best,
Eric Soelberg

This revolutionary tool allows you to search for MULTIPLE Keywords at ONE TIME! This alone will save you hours of time. Check out these videos:

With a Click of the Button You Will Quickly Analyze the top 10 Results in Google – Letting You Know in Seconds if its a Low Competition Keyword. Finally, You can see where your sites rank in Google. Check this out:

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Don't Forget About the FREE BONUS OFFER – Video Training on How To Build Profitable Niche Websites!

Why should you care about Niche Website Training from me?

I make a full-time living with niche websites (I have made over $103,000 in the first 9 months of 2011 JUST IN GOOGLE ADSENSE!). I have other income sources too. All this reported income has come from sites OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE! I make money from niche sites getting free traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. In this 1 hour and 10 minutes IN DEPTH TRAINIG VIDEO, I show you EXACTLY HOW I am building and profiting from these niche sites.

This bonus video training gives you the information you need to get started building profitable niche websites. The video you will receive with your purchase includes:

  • 7 Steps to Building Successful Niche Sites
  • In depth instructions on Finding Keywords (including Long Tail Pro)
  • How to Profit from Long Tail Keywords
  • 5 Keys to Analyzing the Google Competition
  • Specific Examples of Good and Bad Keywords
  • How to Provide Relevant Content
  • How to Rank Quickly in Google
  • How to Maximize Your Earnings with Google Adsense
  • Specific Examples of Adsense Layouts and Optimization techniques
  • and Much more!

With this Combination Package of the Powerful Long Tail Pro Software to Help You Find GREAT Keywords and This Step by Step Video Training on Building Niche Websites – You Are Way Ahead of Your Competition!

You can check the normal price here … www.longtailpro.com
long tail pro discount

Get Long Tail Pro + BONUS Video Training
Just $77

Unsolicited Video Testimonial from Brett Burky

PS – This is a One-time purchase with an Immediate Download of the Software and Training Video.

PPS – I do not offer this video training anywhere else; its only available to Long Tail Pro customers.

PPS – There are WAY More testimonials than what I included here – didn't want to overwhelm you! However, if you want to see more testimonials from real users – you can read them here.

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