Making Hip Hop Beats Is Cheaper and Easier Than Ever

Making Hip Hop Beats Is Cheaper and Easier Than Ever

If you are interested in making beats and taking it seriously, I'm sure you've heard the buzz about Beat Generals recently.

The reason for the excitement around Beat Generals is that nothing has ever really made it easier to progress with making hip hop beats so easily. They have literally taken the trials and tribulations a music producer would face for years and broken it down into easy to follow HD video tutorials to guide you past the pitfalls, so you're up and running making dope beats in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Beat Generals uses FL Studio, which many producers used to create the beats in numerous hit records by today's hottest artists in R&B and Hip Hop. The best part of it is that FL Studio isn't hard to find and costs about 10 times less than a single piece of good hardware studio equipment, yet it does what a whole studio can do, and MORE!

My favorite part of Beat Generals is that the members section is broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced videos which are guaranteed to be updated with new videos monthly. This makes it perfect for a complete newbie, or someone more advanced, that's curious about some new styles or just wants to brush up on certain skills.

This week they're actually gearing up for their big opening launch and dropping new videos daily, with drum sounds for you to use, to show you how easy and enjoyable it actually can be to learn to make the beats you love.

So go check out Beat Generals, you owe it to yourself to see what they can do for you!


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