PageOne Curator Review By Paul Clifford

PageOne Curator Review By Paul Clifford

What is PageOneCurator?

PageOneCurator – is software and training that enables you to curate blogs, get higher rankings, more traffic in a Google approved way.

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What is Blog Curation?

paul cliffordProblem: Getting rankings and traffic is the challenge of any one trying to sell online. Almost all SEO relies on spammy techniques and strategies to get links and rankings. Given the recent spate of Google de-indexing / Panda 3.2 / Penguin – there is huge demand for for a new solution that is white hat and designed to last for the long term.

Solution: Instead of gaming Google – this plays by its own rules to get huge rankings for competitive words. This method and software enables you to curate multiple blogs remotely and create whole empire of cash and traffic generating websites for passive income or to sell to investors.

Market: Curation is exploding as a technique to create authority sites for bloggers, SEO experts, niche and authority site builders and in fact anyone making money online.

Look at these:

  • Drudge Report: $30 million per year.
  • Perez hilton… – worth 32 million
  • Huffington post – bought by AOL for $315
  • What do they have in common? .. none of their own content.. it was all curated.

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The Products You’ll Get

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The App: The software on the front end is a desktop app written in AIR. This app will search over relevant content sources based on your keyword, allowing you to CURATE a post that has text, video and images – together with the relevant backlinks that ensure the Google love.

The Course: Curation Masterclass – This is a comprehensive course on curation that caters for advanced curators and newbies. It covers all strategies to enable an individual to create their curated blog empire.
Curation Mastermind Coaching; 1 to 1 Skype coaching on curation.

The WordPress Plugins:
SyndicatorPRO – this sits on the actual blogs themselves and automatically performs the manual tasks of social and web 2.0 bookmarking – so essential in todays post panda world.

PageOne LeadMagnet: The optin plugin essential to capturing options on curated blogs.
The Forum: Already in use – this is where the action happens and where members can share their experiences.

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All of these products are engineered into funnel that forms these 3 key elements:


  • SEO professionals
  • Make money online
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Corportate marketing departments
  • Anyone interested in Monetizing a niche.

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