Proxy Goblin Discount

Proxy Goblin Discount

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Dear Friends 🙂

We all know that PROXIES is one of a MUST HAVE thing that we need in our internet marketing process.

We can buy Private Proxy … but it’s expensive.

We can find free proxies … but it needs hours of time for scraping and testing the quality of all proxies.

Finally i found one of the best Proxy Software that could provide me many fresh and good quality proxies.

Its name is PROXY GOBLIN.

What Proxy Goblin will do for you

  • Save working proxies to a CSV or text file automatically
  • Send the proxies to your email on autopilot
  • Upload fresh proxies to your FTP server
  • Test the proxies continously and eliminate the bad proxies
  • Use Proxy Goblin plugins and send proxies directly into various softwares/tools easily.
  • Proxy Goblin have the ability to check Google friendly proxies among the good ones to make surfing on Google much safer

The Top SEO software that Proxy Goblin could send proxies directly are :

  • SeNuke X
  • ScrapeBox
  • ScrapeBoard
  • Sick Submitter
  • WpsBox
  • SEO Link Robot
  • and many more

For more detail about how PROXY GOBLIN works, look at the Video below :

What Others Are Saying About Proxy Goblin

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I hope this Proxy Goblin discount thread could help all friends here to save some money.

Thanks and God bless you ALL 🙂

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