Sick Submitter Discount

Sick Submitter Discount

Sick Submitter Discount – Get 15% Off

Sick Submitter is one of best SENuke alternative. If you buy Sick Submitter, you will get a Forum Profile Submitter, Bookmark Submitter, Directory Submitter, RSS Submitter and Article Submitter in one great tool. The Sick Submitter will help you to create accounts and backlinks to your site automatically.

Sick Submitter provides automated profile generation for all of your websites, auto email confirmation and auto pinging to 27 of the best sites. The Sick Proxy Manager allows you access to 4,000 proxies. You can quickly delete all of your IP footprints, and would not get site-banned again.

Sick Submitter Discount

In this site, you can get Sick Submitter with a special price. If you buy through our link, you can get 15% OFF Sick Submitter discount. We will send the cashback to your Paypal account.

Here is what you get:

– Monthly Subscription ($19.99) -> Get $3 Cashback. You pay only $16.99!

– Yearly Subscription ($189.99) -> Get $28 Cashback. You pay only $161.99!

*Please note that this rebate is for the first month/year of your subscription only.

Here’s instruction to claim your Sick Submitter cashback:

1.  Delete your browser cookies (see here).

2.  Reload this page.

3.  You have to buy through this link: Sick Submitter Discount – 15% Off Sick Submitter Rebate

4. Once the payment process is completed, please send us a copy of your payment confirmation email from Paypal to seo[at] with the following subject line: Sick Submitter Discount. Let us know your Paypal email address where we can send the cashback to you.

After you send the email, please give us a few days to reply with the confirmation if you are eligible to receive the cashback. The Sick Submitter cashback will be sent on first week of the following month 30 days after your subscription. As an example, if you subscribe on May, we’ll send the money on the first week of July. If you have any questions, you may Contact Us.




** 15% OFF BONUS **



After buying and make payment .. send the purchase data to seo[at]
The data you must sent are
– your purchase receipt number
– your paypal address
– date of purchase

We will send you the bonus to your email after the refund period (60-day money back guarantee) over and after we receive the commission.

Note: DO NOT email me and expect your cash back before the refund period is over.

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