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Get Ultimate Demon Special Discount Now !!

UPDATE: $100 DISCOUNT WILL END ON 3rd June, 2012

Dear Friends 🙂

After 10 months of development work, EdwinSoft (The Creator of Bookmarking Demon) release their awesome backlinks software.


Some of awesome Ultimate Demon’s features are :

  • Multiple Platform Supported (Web2.0, Videos, Press Release,Social Bookmarking, Articles, RSS, Forum Profiles)
  • Multitasking
  • Seamless Submission
  • Visual Aid for handsfree CAPTCHA solving
  • Adding Your Own Sites
  • Privacy Protection
  • Article Spinning & Rewriting
  • Auto Ping
  • Scheduler
  • Human Speed Simulation
  • Proxy Support
  • 100% Socket

To know more about Ultimate Demon, see the video below :

Below Are What Ultimate Demon Will Do For You :

The normal price of Ultimate Demon :

  • Ultimate Demon Monthly Plan : $47 per month
  • Ultimate Demon One Time Fee Plan : $397

Check the Normal price here … CLICK HERE

As usual i have a special discount link for Ultimate Demon

Here is the discount link

Ultimate Demon Discount Link – Monthly Plan

by using this discount link, you will get :

  • $7 discount for The Monthly Plan
  • $100 discount for The One Time Fee Plan

so you will only pay :

  • $39.95 for Ultimate Demon Monthly Plan
  • $297 for Ultimate Demon One Time Fee Plan

Go get this special discount offer now!! Before it’s too late.

I hope this discount thread could help all warriors to save some money.

Thanks and God bless you ALL

Important Notes

  • For Ultimate Demon One Time Fee Plan, you will get 2 Years Major Upgrade for FREE
  • After 2 years if you want to get Major Upgrade, you must pay $147 for 2 years additional major upgrade.
  • Ultimate Demon will continue to work/function even without getting a major upgrade.


CASH BACK OFFER of $30 on Lifetime License


After buying and make payment .. send the purchase data to seo[at]ranking.im
The data you must sent are
– your purchase receipt number
– your paypal address
– date of purchase

We will send you the bonus to your email after the refund period (60-day money back guarantee) over and after we receive the commission.

Note: DO NOT email me and expect your cash back before the refund period is over.

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10 Responses to "Ultimate Demon Discount"

  1. Jane says:

    Your discount link doesn’t seem to work. When I click on it and I am directed to the shopping cart, it displays the full price.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Thank you very much for your interest in purchasing through our affiliate, Could you please tell me which one you was trying to purchase Monthly or Lifetime?
      A further instructions has been sent to you by email.

      Best regards

  2. David says:


    1. You claim a discount of $100, but I was charged $297.75!
    2. You claim the refund period is 60 days, but the order form states that it’s 30 days!

    • admin says:

      Hi, Thank you so much for your purchase of UD.

      1. The original price of UD is $397, but we’re offering it with $100 discount
      2. The 60 days refund period is eligible to “Special Cashback Offer” of $30.

      We will send you the bonus to your email after the refund period (60-day money back guarantee) over and after we receive the commission.

      Best regards!

      • David says:

        $100 discount from $397 is $297, not the $297.75 that I was charged. Check it with a calculator if you don’t believe me.

        The order form specifically states: “You have a 30 days money back guaranteed! By purchasing, you have agreed to our refund policy.”

        • admin says:

          Yes man i agree with you as i stated in my above post the official price is $397. so that means with our discount you’ll get that in 397-100=$297.

          30 days refund on software purchase, and 60day on “cashback offer”

  3. theone says:


    it’s still the 3rd and i want to get it with 100$ discount but it only applies 50$ . can you email me the link with 100 discount ?


  4. Edwin says:

    hello, is the $100 discount still active? i am interested? because when i click the link the price still 397..

    • imleaks says:


      Thanks for your interest.

      Sorry the discount of $100 is not available anymore.

      But you can avail the $50 discount on lifetime purchase. (Link updated)

      Let me know for any more queries.

      Kind Regards!

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